T24 TWS Bone Conduction Headphone Bluetooth Earphone Sport Running Waterproof Sweatproof Headset


Tonstep Bone Conduction Bluetooth Sport Earphone Headphone

Why choose bone conduction?

1. For traditional headphones, they more or less block the surround sound, so you may be in danger when running or cycling.

2. Bone-conduction headphones work through vibration, and sound is transmitted to the cochlea through bone tissue. Compared to conventional headphones, hearing damage can be avoided.

3. Wireless headphones B9 are lightweight and do not fall off, regardless of the type of physical activity, which allows you to move freely.



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Not a speaker plug-in.

Bone conduction speaker sound leakage suppression system,more precise control of the sound sound source leakage.Ergonomic design, with a 22g lightweight body.

With memory

With MP3 mode, let you enjoy sports more~

Note: This is only for the model with memory.

Light detection.

Built-in wearing sensor, take off the earphones, the music will stop! If you take it off and put it on again within 15 seconds, the music will continue; if you take it off and don’t wear it for more than 15 seconds, short press the multi-function button to resume it, saving power and worry.

Bluetooth V5.0.

Qualcomm QCC 3024 Bluetooth V5.0.

Longer endurance

160mAh large-capacity lithium battery, it only takes 90 minutes to fully charge, and the standby time can reach 10 days.

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